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8 Figures Of Speech In Vanity By Birago Diop

Following the review we got from the poem Vanity by Birago Dip is also a culture related poem. It speak of African believe in the dead. The poet realized that African are beginning to ignore the relevance of their ancestor, so he used the poem as medium of reminding them of the ancestral importance.

This post will make a list of the poetic terms or poetic devices found in Vanity by Birago Dip:

(1) Imagery: "sad complaining voices of beggars" in line 4 is an imagery describing the voices of the people. Another imagery is found in line 14.

(2) Metaphor: "plaintive throats" in line 14 is a metaphor. Line 4 and line 9 also have a metaphor.

(3) Rhetorical Question: "What eyes will watch our large mouth?" in line 8 is a rhetorical question. There are also rhetorical questions in line 5, 10, 11, 14, 30.

(4) Alliteration: "gently gently" in line 1 is an alliteration. Others are in line 8, 15, 22.

(5) Sarcasm: "sad complaining voices of beggars" in line 4 is a sarcasm. Line 8 and line 10 also possess sarcasms.

(6) Simile: "like a tumour" in line 13 is a simile. "Just as our ears" in line 17 is a simile.

(7) Personification: "our Dead come" in line 15 is a personification which gives a walking ability to the Deeds

(8) Repetition: The following words are repeated in the poem "gently" "voices" "ears" "deaf" "Dead" "cries" "hear" etc.

For clearer explanations on the poem Vanity by Birago Diop, we recommend

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