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How To Benefit From is the most popular social network for professionals and

one of the top social networks overall.

To be part of the happy team, you must register and login. The next

thing to do is to work on your profile (very, very important). Your

profile on is not just like those of other social

networks , it must be well filled out because the team

always treat every profile as a resume or a curriculum vitae.

The opportunities sent to you via email updates will be based on the

information on your profile. And people who will want to connect to

you will be based on your profile, job availabilities and news feeds

will also be based on your profile information.

After your profile has been well filled, you need to start creating

connections (that is the term used in similar to the

ways you send friend request to users on or the way you

follow people on

There are lots of other opportunies on

(i) You can connect to users or organisations

(ii) You can export your connection to other users

(iii) You can update your linkedin activities to

(iv) You can involve member in update with the use of @username; for

instance @pepsi.

(v) You will be able to know those who viewed your profile and

determine whether they are worth connecting to.

(vi) You will be able to promote your personal website or

organisational website through automatic post updates or by embedding

linkedin share button in your website.

(vii) You will be able to announce your company's job openings or get

aware of new job openings.

(viii) You will be able to check new network updates.

(ix) You will be a to send Inmails to members who allows the

acceptance of Inmails.

(x) You can create page or group similar to that of facebook on your and promote your company or internet passion.

(xi) You can do a whole lots of other things that will benefit you on, if you will be willing to take advantage of the

informations in this post.

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